From Our Founder

While having dinner, a close friend shared with me that his wife had lost her father unexpectedly. His wife and mother in-law were left with limited ideas on how to move forward during the difficult time. Although the couple had been married over 50 years, it was difficult and at times impossible to find his burial plan, bank accounts, life insurance policies, his will and other financial documents. The struggle only brought additional stress on a family already in pain.

I left that night with the idea that there needed to be a simple, easy and inexpensive way for a person to get their assets in order. While thinking over what the best plan of action might be to move forward with such a service, I had the misfortune of experiencing an unexpected death in my family as well. The same problems occurred, confirming that it was essential for me to create a service to keep anyone else from going through the same personal hardships of losing a loved one and not knowing where to look or find important documents.. from this, Assets In Order was born.

I am pleased to offer this secure online Legacy Lockbox designed to store all of your asset information that can be easily retrieved by members and passed on to designated loved ones when needed.

Please look around our website to see what Assets In Order can offer you and your family.

Thank you for visiting Assets In Order, where your legacy is our priority.

David Harris,