Why Legacy Lockbox?

Your assets are part of your rich personal legacy. With Legacy Lockbox, you can pass that legacy down to your loved ones. You can even leave final wishes and instructions for family and friends. Make sure your pets are cared for, your directives are carried out and your favorite photos and valuables are in the right hands.

We’ve all heard the horror stories... misplaced wills, forgotten storage units, unknown property, lost recipes and photos. You want to make sure that your family knows where everything is, so that nothing gets missed. You can reduce your family’s stress and heartache by having all of your vital information in one safe location.

Your Assets In Order Legacy Lockbox™ will allow you to securely consolidate, document, organize, manage and store your personal, private and sensitive information online. With a Legacy Lockbox™, you’ll keep documents safe from unexpected events like fire, theft or natural disasters.

Plan ahead with Assets In Order Legacy Lockbox.