File Storage

Heritage Account Only

One of the best features of your Assets In Order Legacy Lockbox comes with the Heritage Membership.

For a small fee of only $24.95 per year, Assets In Order will provide file storage for up to 1GB of data. That means that you can scan and upload copies of all of your legal documents such as property information, contracts, financial statements, stocks and bonds, and even a copy of your will. You can also upload your favorite photos to share with family and friends.

Record videos with special messages to loved ones and upload them to your Legacy Lockbox. You can even record personal instructions to carry out your final wishes or notes to say "I love you." The possibilities are endless and the reward for your family and friends is priceless.

Maintaining digital copies of your assets and asset information is the best way to ensure its preservation for the future. Our secure server will back up your information and store your precious memories for safe keeping until the time comes to pass on those memories to your loved ones.