Membership Comparison

The Heritage Membership:

This membership includes storage to upload files including property deeds, wills, legal contracts, financial statements, medical records and other important documents as well as family photos and videos that you would like to pass on. This service is offered for only $24.95 per year.

The Heritage Plus Membership:

The Heritage Plus Package offers twice as much storage capacity than the Heritage Package, access to the Assets Value Dashboard and Snap & Click Camera Phone Download. This service is offered for only $49.95 per year.

   Heritage Membership    Heritage Plus Membership
  $24.95/yr -or- $2.45/mo   $49.95/yr -or- $5.25/mo
AES 256-bit Encryption
Online Account Storage
Inventory of Physical Assets
Final Wishes and Instructions
Recipient Notification
Authorized Verification Process
Monthly Bandwidth Limit 15GB 15GB
Digital File Storage
Includes: photos, videos, and documents
5GB 10GB
Assets Value Dashboard
Snap & Click Camera Phone Download