Notification and Verification Process

Assets In Order has developed a unique system of notifications in order to streamline a traditionally difficult process. Our Verification Process assures that proper precautions are taken once a passing has been reported.

Designated Verifiers are alerted and they must confirm that a passing has occurred before any Recipients are notified. The Member will also be notified in the event that a report has been filed. If the report is false, the Member will then be able to deny the report and no further action will be taken to alert the Recipients.

Recipient Notification happens in the following ways:

Heritage Membership - After 2 Verifiers confirm a passing, Assets In Order will require official documentation before any asset information can be distributed. Official documentation includes a death certificate, coroner's report, or affidavit from a funeral home.

Basic Membership - When at least 2 Verifiers confirm that the Member has passed, information is automatically distributed to the Recipients.

All Recipients will receive an email with details to access any asset information a Member has requested to share with them.